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Handmade Manchego cheese under Certificate of Origin.

Cattle Breeding


At ADIANO we have our own livestock, created after several years of searching and selecting the best purebred Manchegan sheepp throughout Castilla la Mancha.

Our sheep are the most important reason to create the unforgettable taste of our cheese and that's why we care them with the utmost love and dedication.

They live happily on our farm, where they grow at their own pace and graze everytime. Almost all the food they eat comes from the meadows where they walk freely. Then, we use these crops to feed them. This natural diet provides them with a nutritionally rich and varied nutrients.

All our sheep enjoy a state of semi-freedom where they alternate: daily time in the field grazing, running, sunbathings or resting, with time in our sheds, designed with the latest technology available focused on the animal welfare and where they are milked and stay the night resting.

Our barns are designed with the latest technology available focused on the animal welfare.

Animal Welfair

Thanks to our efforts and the excellent conditions in which animals live, we have succeeded in creating a free-grazing sheep for free-range grazing with all the characteristics of health, vigour and genetics. This situation allow us to collect an exceptional quality milk with organoleptic properties, ideal for the production of our cheeses.

Our cheeses