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Handmade Manchego cheese under Certificate of Origin.


At ADIANO, every part of the production process of our cheeses is carried out with the conviction that preserving and caring of the environment, nature and animals is issential to guarantee a sustainable future.

ADIANO gives us the opportunity to be the point of reference not only for cheese dairies worldwide but for any operator in the agri-food industry.

Medio Ambiente
The first and only handmade Manchego cheese factory in Spain to obtain the "Animal Welfare Certification".
Animal Welfair
Medio Ambiente

Our commitment with nature drives us to raise standards to be the benchmark of our sector and for become a reference for those who understand how important is to offer a product of extraordinary quality.

Welfare Quality y AWIN

The official certification is the result of 15 years of research and the work of more than 400 scientists.

Animal Welfare Indicators

It is based, in a pioneering way, on the protocols of the European Walfare Quality and AWIN® (Animal Welfare Indicators) projects which involve a rigorous auditing of animal welfare by means of direct observation of the animals, their evolution, behaviour and life conditions, as well as their environment and verification of compliance with the legislation.

Medio Ambiente